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Heat exchanger / heat recovery

Precision of workmanship and the highest quality confirmed by the gold medal of the Ferma Bydła fair

Initial milk cooling
(pipe in pipe)

Ecological solution that reduces electricity consumption and ensures high quality milk and hot water for free.


Milk coolers
Experts alarm: The rate of milk cooling down to a temperature below the critical 10 ° C determines the bacteriological quality of milk. The form of its storage is also important, it must not be higher than 4 ° C. The conclusion is that the sooner you cool the milk, the better it will be. And hence? Its higher price.
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Registration obligation
Since January 2017, the requirements for periodic inspections of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment have changed. Let us remind you that each refrigeration and air conditioning device requires mandatory registration and it is an additional financial burden for farmers. The necessity to register is a requirement for individuals, companies and producer groups.
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